The Singapore Contractors Association has grown in strength and representation since her formation in 1937. From only 30 members, the Association has increased her membership to more than 2000 members under her wing, making the Association the official representative of the construction industry in Singapore.

In this capacity, SCAL is principally committed to the industry in-

  • Ensuring that the needs of her members on industrial, contractual and technical matters are well looked after;
  • Promoting and encouraging uniformity in the custom and practice of the construction industry;
  • Improving the standards of the industry and enhancing the status of her members;
  • Promoting the development of the industry; and
  • Participating in social and community services and projects.

Located at Bukit Merah Lane 2 in her own building aptly named Construction House, the vitality and enterprising spirit of the Association and her members cannot be underestimated. The Association is well represented in numerous policy-making committees of professional bodies as well as of those set up by the government. Regular dialogues with the Ministries on pertinent industry issues are also dynamic and well-documented.

The Singapore Contractors Association is affiliated to various regional and international bodies whose objectives are shared by SCAL, that is, to foster fellowship and co-operation among contractors, to facilitate the exchange of technology and information and to develop and strengthen the relationship between governments and member countries. These organizations include the International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors Associations (IFAWPCA) and the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF).

Works carried out by members of the Association represents more than 75% of the projects within the industry in Singapore alone. These projects include housing estates, hi-tech factories, commercial buildings, MRT stations, ports, tunnels, civil works, drainage and sewerage works and others. Members are not only active locally, but are also diligent in undertaking overseas projects, successfully exporting their expertise and services to China, India, Middle East, Vietnam, Myanmar, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, West Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Sarawak.

The Council of Management, made up of professionals experienced in the field, is poised to lead the Association in positioning her members to compete effectively both in the local market and in the international arena.

In planning for the future, SCAL will continue to keep abreast of technical developments, monitor market changes and maintain the dialogues with government departments in order to provide her members with the confidence and the essential support to run the next lap and cross the next hurdle. SCAL warmly welcomes any new members and is ready to extend to member contractors her services and all that the Association stands for.


To lead in the transformation of the construction industry in building a sustainable future for Singapore.

Mission Statement

To be an effective voice of the construction industry advocating business-friendly practices, promoting industry development, and fostering a safe and productive work environment.


The objective of SCAL is to consolidate all related services in construction so as to develop and promote a structurally-sound and united industry. The Association aims to position its members to achieve greater professionalism and quality in the construction business. SCAL is committed to the following objectives for which it was established:

  • To secure for its members all advantages of unanimity of action;
  • To secure the recognition of the Association as the official representative of the building and engineering construction industry by all persons, professional bodies and authorities whose interest extends to and embraces the building and engineering construction and allied trades;
  • To promote and encourage uniformity in the customs and practice in the conduct of the building and engineering construction industry to promote just and honorable practice in the conduct of business and to suppress malpractice;
  • To promote means and measures to maintain and improve the standards of the building and engineering construction industry and to enhance the status of members thereof with the general public and to ensure the general public fair and equitable treatment in dealing with the building and engineering construction industry and vice versa;
  • To promote the development of the building and engineering construction industry of Singapore, its industrial resources and that of allied manufacturing industries by active participation in the said industry.

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