The PCA was formally established as a construction trade organization on 29 November 1945. It was firmly established by nine Filipino gentlemen in the local construction industry with a short vision for an organization of Filipino construction contractors to take the lead in the reconstruction of the Philippines after the Second World War.

Now, the PCA is composed of individual construction contractors as regular members, construction materials, equipment & service providers as associate members, other trade organizations allied to the construction industry as affiliate members and smaller construction trade organizations composed of regional or provincial or municipal constructors as chapter members.

On a nationwide basis, for construction constructors alone, PCA has within its fold about 1,500 members, out of the 6,458 PCAB-licensed constructors from the 18,000 strong construction practitioners within the country. The PCA may seem small but in terms of construction volume handled, the group handles an average of 70% to 80% of the annual construction turnover of the country. All regular members nationwide are bonafide PCAB-licensed construction constructors, with professional construction management, up-to-date technical capabilities, both in terms of skilled personnel and equipment, and a good financial base.

The PCA is into a lot of things. It has commitments toward the continued development of the local construction industry. Construction safety as well as manpower training and development are part of its regular programs and so is the development of local construction management skills. Creating a level playing field in the local construction arena, in dealing with foreign constructors, is a major concern of PCA. The formulation of a mandatory Joint Venture Scheme is being applied as a step towards attaining effective technology transfer for a shorter developmental route.

Recognized as the "voice of the construction industry," PCA is represented in a number of government bodies tasked with policy formulation and implementation. Business concerns and problems confronting the construction industry are brought to the attention of the government for appropriate action. It regularly meets foreign businessmen and trade missions, and arranges meetings for purposes of exploring possibility of joint venture/tie-ups with foreign businessmen to increase investment.

The scope of PCA is not only limited within the country. It is a founder and regular member of the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA), Asean Constructors Federation (ACF), and the Confederation of International Constructors Association (CICA).

Today, the PCA connotes PRESTIGE AND PERFORMANCE and still growing, striving more to achieve the purpose of its existence - to reach the highest level of standards and practices to become competitive in the global market.


We want to see PCA as a respected organization and as an agent of change for the continuous improvement of standards and practices to achieve a sustainable and globally competitive construction industry to benefit primarily the Philippines, the Filipino people, and subsequently the world.


Representation with Government

As an organization concerned in promoting and protecting the interest and development of the construction industry, business concerns and problems (i.e., payments, construction materials standards, etc.) confronting the construction industry are brought to the attention of the government agency/ies concerned for appropriate action.

As the recognized "voice of the construction industry" PCA is being represented in a number of government bodies tasked with policy formulation and implementation, drafting of laws, rules and regulations, and administrative directives. BUSINESS

Referrals/ Opportunities

Through its PCA Update / Bid Bulletin, circulars, letters, and its website members are advised with information on projects for tender / bid notices / invitation to prequalify, be it B-O-T or negotiated contracts on government as well as private projects.

Sometimes, PCA is also requested by the government to assist in undertaking government special projects such as schoolbuildings, roads during emergencies. PCA then distributes these projects to its members for execution.

Access To Local and International Business Information and Statistics

The PCA offers a wide range of references on market and product profiles, foreign business and trade directories, country profiles as well as economic indicators.

Opportunity to Meet and Do Business with Foreign Businessmen

The PCA regularly receives foreign businessmen and trade missions coming into the country. The PCA then arranges a one-on-one meeting for purposes of exploring the possibility for tie-ups / joint ventures with these foreign companies/businessmen. Outgoing trade missions are likewise organized by the PCA.

Promotion through International Conferences & Trade Missions

As a regular member of the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors' Association (IFAWPCA), and the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF), the PCA organizes PCA Delegations to attend international conferences and conventions which offers new technologies, equipment and materials in construction.

It likewise holds Council Meetings as the venue to report the status of the Philippine construction industry and the possibility of good business opportunities it may offer to other countries.

These visits and bi-lateral exchanges are rich sources of contacts and possible joint ventures.

Easy Access to Construction Exhibition, Training, Seminar and Symposium

The PCA, as a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), regularly conducts subsidized training, seminars and symposiums for all its member-companies.

It also conducts regular skills training courses as well as skills testing and certification for construction industry workers in close coordination with the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Construction Manpower Development Foundation (CMDF).

PCA is the organizer of the biggest construction exhibition in the Philippines the PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION, BUILDING MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION better known as the PHILCONSTRUCT. In this exhibition, hundreds of companies serving the construction industry participate to introduce their products and services.


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